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    If you see the title carefully then you might once get confused as there is an irony in it .As one side there is a word change and another side constant . So as far in the life , we all would have known that nothing is Constant in our lives . Everything like from […]

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  • What Did You Bring And What Will You Take

    What did you bring and what will you take , Were born in this soil , will be found in this soil only , The fire that is buried in your chest , burn it to ashes , Why does you regret mistakes , why does you upset , why does you sad , Do […]

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  • From one end to another

    It always start with a great enthusiasm filled in ours hearts,Soo many dreams in our eyes ,And a full film fabricate in our mind ,As the journey begins , we experience lots of newthings , lots of ups and downs,Then we came to know the diligent of the that film that we already filmed in […]

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    Everyone wants an escape from the harsh reality of the world , Somewhere and from something . All they want is to hold back from the veracity , Which just gives them pleasure for a while , But next moment this will become more destructive for them . I guess procrastination is the right word […]

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